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13 October 2008 - Women Wimbledon in Business
Advintage's wonderful wine tasting attracted over 80 people to our 5th anniversary celebration networking evening - a very enjoyable and successful event.

18 September 2008 - Gemma Barlow - Purple Spin
AdVintage Wines is a fantastic independent Wine Merchant. Marleen and Axel are exceptionally knowleagable and are obviously very passionate about wine. I have been supplied with some fantastic wines and advice.  The tasting notes we receive with every bottle is invaluable. The service is fabulous -  so personal and AdVintage Wines are always keen to make sure that you get the best bottle of wine to suit your tastes and needs. I would highly recommend them.

9 July 2008 - Melanie Worthy - Worthy Communications
AdVintage Wines provided a marvellous selection of organic and sustainably sourced wines for a gathering of 25 of our friends in celebration of our recent garden design and building of an eco garden office - where the event was hosted. It provided a wonderful, yet non obtrusive focus to the evening and insightful and professional expertise about the excellent selection of wines - which my guests continued to enjoy and opine about late into the Summer night! I particularly liked the informative and tailored wine notes and the overall presentation too and would heartily recommend Advintage Wines for any social gathering.

April 2008 - Ken from Croydon Wine Appreciation Club
Thank you for an excellent tasting last Tuesday. The wines were marvellous and everyone enjoyed it immensely. I am sure we will be in touch.

July 2007 - David Fernando from the Best Of
I hear so much great feedback about AdVintage Wines - and I've tasted several of their wines myself! If you want a foolproof way to get to try some of the world's less well known (and well known) yet inexpensive wines, call the local experts. Marleen and Axel are real experts - give them a go. they are perfect for wine tasting evenings too - I've been to one myself.


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