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The Carbon Neutral Wineries

Cullen Wines
Cullen Wines was founded by Di and Kevin Cullen in the late 1960s and were among the first to plant vines in the Margaret River after their close friend, Dr. John Gladstone, established that the Margaret River region would be very suitable for quality wines. As with all pioneering work, it took time to get off the ground, but today the Margaret River is widely recognised as one of Australia’s premium wine regions and Cullen Wines are at the top of the quality tree. Today the estate is run by Vanya Cullen who has overseen Cullen Wines first going organic in 2003, biodynamic in 2004 and Carbon Neutral in 2006 and sees this as part of an ongoing process to ‘give back to the land’. An added benefit is that Vanya believes this has given an added vibrancy to the fruit and the wines are certainly as good as ever.

Parducci Wines
The Mendocino Wine Company was founded in 2004 with the formation of a partnership between the families of Tom and Tim Thornhill and Paul Dolan. This partnership purchased the historic Parducci Wine Cellars in Mendocino County, California. Their vision includes creating and growing exciting new brands and wines as well as building upon the tradition and quality of existing brands. All the wines are inspired by (and essentially connected to) Mendocino County, the place and its people.

On the 20th of November 2007 they released the following press release explaining the reasoning behind their Carbon Neutral status:

Parducci Wins Governor’s Award
First Carbon Neutral Winery in the United States Honored for Efforts to Combat Climate Change

Parducci Winery and its parent company, Mendocino Wine Company (MWC), received the 2007 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) in the category of Climate Change. The annual GEELA is California's highest environmental honor. This is the first year the Governor's Award has recognized a company for “innovative and forward thinking approaches that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on public health and our vast natural resources." Partners Paul Dolan, Tim Thornhill and Tom Thornhill were on hand to accept the citation today during a ceremony at the California Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Sacramento.

Parducci Winery, the oldest family-owned winery in Mendocino County, is the first in the United States to achieve carbon neutrality. Parducci partnered with the Climate Action Registry to calculate emissions of greenhouse gases. The winery and vineyards then took measures to mitigate and offset those emissions. Mitigation includes a solar installation, a wind energy installation, conversion of company vehicles and farm equipment to bio-diesel, and the implementation of energy-efficient practices based on an energy audit in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Parducci offset its remaining carbon footprint by partnering with three companies: Three Phases Energy Services, Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Native Energy.

Founded in 1932, Parducci Winery was purchased in 2004 by Mendocino Wine Company (MWC), a partnership of the Dolan and Thornhill families. Mendocino Wine Company produces Parducci Family Farmed and Paul Dolan Vineyards organic wines.

The family vineyards are certified Organic by CCOF and certified Biodynamic by Demeter. The partners and their employees are committed to responsible land stewardship, sustainable viticulture and business practices that yield superior grapes while protecting the environment for future generations. More information is available at the company website: Parducci.

Established in 1993, the Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award is California's most distinguished environmental honor recognizing individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership in building public-private partnerships while making notable contributions in conserving California's environment. Information can be found at the EPA website: EPA.

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